At times there is so much love in my heart I don't know how to contain it. I don't want to contain it. I want to sprinkle it all over the world. I want to wrap my children in it (forever) and pile it up around my family and friends until it builds a house that can withstand an earthquake (easily). I hope that after I die, all this love won't be wasted but instead will float up in the air and turn the sunset in those ridiculously breathtaking colors that will make people pause and take a photo and feel grateful for being alive. There are many things I haven't quite yet figured out that I want (to become) but what is becoming clearer every day is that I just want people to know the love. If I could I would tap the source, like a maple tree, and built the network to distribute it everywhere, because I swear on a night like this the supply is bottomless. Drink it up, drizzle it over pancakes, add a pinch to your soup, powder your face with it, spritz it like a perfume. Anything goes. (Put it in a jar and store it for later. Expiration date – never.)

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