Kate Middleton and Mummy Tummy

Kate Middleton gave birth and became an instant hero. Not for delivering the next king of the Commonwealth, or for just giving birth (which is a hell of an achievement on its own), but for showing her post baby body one day after her son was born. Per MSN News, this action delighted moms around the world. So what's wrong with this picture?

Let's forget for a minute that the same moms around the world were accusing Kate of being too skinny not so long ago, suggesting she suffers from anorexia and even going as far as saying that she has brought the hyperemesis gravidarum onto herself by her clearly unhealthy eating habits. Kate is a Duchess of Cambridge. She didn't really have much say in whether the world will see her or not right after giving birth. She was expected to show off her baby. When you are 24 hours post partum, you can't show off the baby and not show off the post-baby belly.

Every woman who ever gave birth knows this. There is a good chance that even women who never had children have a clue. But somehow we rather blame celebrities and the fact that they don't appear in public until they've regained their figures back for our skewed idea about what post partum body looks like. "We are not used to seeing celebrities 24 hours after giving birth, when no amount of diet or expensive personal trainers can change the fact that the uterus stretched over many months," said Jennifer Lippman, a lawyer and mother to a 14-month-old son. Why would we?

I gave birth four weeks ago. I am not a celebrity, but I have not made too many public appearances myself so far. This is not because I am desperately trying to hide my post-baby belly. This is because I am too busy with taking care of a newborn, breastfeeding and mainly just surviving. I am also not all that crazy about taking my newborn in the world full of germs just yet. Let's make a crazy assumption that celebrities are humans. They are probably busy with their newborns, too. Maybe we could give them a break for not posing for photographers right after the delivery, to educate us what the post partum body looks like. 

Not every woman can hit a runway in a fashion show one month after giving birth. There are some that can - Heidi, Giselle, Miranda. They are super models. They were born with killer bodies and they work harder than you or me on keeping them, because they make living with them. I am sure you do your best to perform well at your job. They do the same. 

I understand that negative body image is a real problem in life of many girls and women and I am not taking it lightly, nor am I trying to marginalize the issue. I just think that glorifying a normal looking woman for looking normal does not help much. I am not sure I have any moral message here to spell out, other than this - get a grip, people. I am pretty sure that Kate didn't care one way or another. I suspect she looked in the mirror and said: "Oh bugger, nothing fits me, I guess that dress will do for now. Let's go home and be a family."

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