Get Mad. Get Smart. Share Information.

I spent most of the day today researching maternal mortality around the world. I read articles. And then I read news. And then I read more articles. And then I read comments to the articles and a combination of all made me so mad I was hyperventilating.

Here are 3 things I have to say.

1. Women have brains and know how to use them.

Despite what seems to be a popular belief, it has been proven by extensive research that women posses an organ called "brain" and that this organ (in female body as well) functions properly - including such complicated procedures as forming thoughts, reasoning and decision making. Women's brains are powerful enough to make decisions about other female organs, such as vaginas and uteri. I would go so far as to claim that women brains might have a better communication system between these organs than men have, mainly because men lack both (vagina and uterus, that is. Brain is there, just not always firing efficiently.). Let me be clear here - despite that connection between brain, vagina and uterus, women still can't stop the sperm by simple strength of will. Shocking, I know. I am also pretty sure that if they were able to do this, they would be accused of witchcraft and burnt alive (rings a bell? Anybody?) So here is a proposition for men and women alike - let's work together to make sure this story (and so many others) is never to be repeated.

2. So you believe in God. Well, I don't.

I don't believe in God, I don't believe in Santa Claus and I don't believe in the Devil either. Stop interfering with my life by imposing your faith on me. Stop pushing your belief to where it does not belong in the first place, like legislature. Stop acting like you know what He intended, that is if He existed. I can't think of one example where an atheist endangered the life of another human being in a way a religious person did. I know of plenty who allowed their children to die, because they prayed to their God instead of taking them to the doctor. I know of plenty punishments and death sentences for not obeying God's will, as (of course) interpreted by humans (aka mistake making creatures). I respect your faith. I will never bash your belief in a harmful manner. I will never sentence you to death because I disagree with what you believe in. I just ask for the same respect in return.

3. Change is a good thing. Let it happen.

Just because something has been done in the same way for centuries does not mean it is smart, or useful, or any good. As a matter of fact, if it has been around for centuries, there is a good chance it is outdated, obsolete and dysfunctional. Like the electoral college system. Or a publisher word requirement of 250 words per page that was set over 25 years ago when writers used typewriters with one font only. Try using Times New Roman and you only get half a page. I know it is uncomfortable to make changes. I know it's dreadful to try something new. It's the only way how to move forward. It's the only way how to make magic happen. Outside of your comfort zone.

There. This is what I had to say. Read the links, get mad, get smart(er) and share information.

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