Leaf Story

Once upon a time there was a leaf. He lived on a big old tree. The leaf himself was very young. He didn't exactly know how young, just as he didn't exactly know how old the tree was. He had heard some rumors, but if they were true he couldn't tell. It didn't bother him, anyway. Not many things bothered him. The leaf lived a simple, happy life. He hung in the air and watched life around him. Because he lived in the park, he spent most of the days watching children, dogs and adults. 

Children and dogs were alike - they ran around making loud, funny noises. They jumped and rolled in the grass. Our leaf enjoyed watching children and dogs. Adults were different. They didn't laugh half as much as children and dogs. Our leaf had never seen them take their shoes off and spin until they dropped. Adults paid more attention to little green pieces of paper. Our leaf was once told that those green pieces of paper were made from trees, just like the one he inhabited. But he wasn't too sure. If they were made from trees, why would they produce jealousy and hatred instead of oxygen?

There was one more thing about adults our leaf could not understand. They always compared each other. "Look how fat she got!" and "Did you see those skinny legs?" and "They could never afford a house as big as mine!" Our leaf was puzzled. He looked around himself to see all the other leaves. Some were big, some small, some round, some pointy, some were high up reaching to the sky, some down low bowing to the ground. Our leaf thought they were all beautiful. He knew he was right, because every now and then he could hear the wind whisper: "Leaves, you are so beautiful!" And then the wind would whisper: "People, you are so beautiful!” but people didn't listen to the wind anymore. 

Sometimes the whole orchestra of birds would meet and perform a concert for their audience of leaves, children and dogs. They gave up on adults long time ago. Adults never listened. They were too busy talking. And at night, by the moonlight, leaves had a ball. They gently touched their partners and danced to the music of their humming. Just as I said - simple and happy life this leaf lived.

Then one day it got colder, the bird’s orchestra took off for a vacation and all leaves and children put on coats. Yellow and red for the leaves, and all different colors for children. On one clear, sunny morning our leaf realized he was tired from all that hanging. "I am so sleepy. I would like to stretch my body and lay down to take a nap." As he said it, his friend wind hugged him in his arms and gently tucked him in the grass. "Thank you, my friend," said the leaf. Then he yawned and fell asleep.

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